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It takes hard work, dedication and a big smile.​

Hey there, I’m Ashley, an Award-Winning Business Coach, Mentor and Marketing Expert with over 10 years of experience growing businesses for solopreneurs, small business owners, and start-up founders. When I am not creating personal empires for my clients you can usually catch me zenning out on my yoga mat or cooking up new things in the kitchen to help fuel my passion for plant-based foods.

I’m a straight talker in a business that can be over complicated and undervalued. I use proven marketing strategies to grow your business and give you the financial freedom you deserve. It’s just that simple – I’m here for you.

I lead with experience and follow up with expertise.

Starting a business is hard work. Learning how to find, connect and engage with your perfect audience, then turn them into loyal paying customers is a job on its own. One that requires a little bit of elbow grease. Before you spend your time, energy and money (with a few headaches along the way) going through a large marketing agency or scrolling the internet in hopes of finding the golden needle in the endless haystack – know that you’ve come to the right place. I understand the challenges that arise when starting a business. Whether it’s small, solo or empire status, the first step is understanding how to build, grow and flourish it successfully. And that’s what I’m here for. Elbow grease and all. 

Why Choose Me?

I could probably keep you entertained for hours answering that question but let’s start off with some basics. 


A formal education to earn my Business Degree with a Bachelor in Marketing. I learned timeless marketing strategies and modern principals that continue to be the backbone of successful and profitable businesses.

Experience working at a top Canadian company with a media mogul. I climbed my way up from intern to Director of Events & Marketing within 6 months. I work hard, and I get results. Every single time.

Personal experience with late nights, long hours and a burn out or two from owning and operating my own businesses. From yoga studios to restaurants, I have owned, operated and built many businesses from nothing into something.

For the past 10 years, entrepreneurs have been choosing to work with me not because I’m just a Marketing Expert, but because I’m a Business Leader that cares. I’m your teacher, your coach and your best bud all rolled into one.  And I’m a good listener that can make a great dirty martini, so let’s skip the formalities and get to know each other right now. 

Dominika. L – DermaZone Medical Spa

“Ashley grew our business in what seems like overnight – doubling our revenue, gaining a huge online presence and really taking our business to the next level. She delivered a professional approach with amazing results. She’s supportive, extremely knowledgeable and so much fun to work with. I highly recommend working with her.”

Sophie. A –  Owner, LVL Up Gym

“Someone just asked me the other day what our secret to success has been (in such a short amount of time) and I gave credit to Ashley. My business would not be where it is today without her help, work ethic and in-depth knowledge on not just marketing but business in general. You can tell she has been doing this a long time and has owned a few previous successful businesses because she takes the time to know the business from the inside out. I strongly recommend hiring her – anyone would be lucky to not just have her as a part of their business but a part of their life.”

Katherine – Lakewood Christian Montessori School

“Every time Ashley posts or communicates on behalf of our school she truly captures every unique element that our school represents. She is timely, creative and on top of all the communication on our social media sites. We know our school is in good hands with Ashley and we have seen the benefits in our school from her hard work.”

Jon. E – LvL Up Gym & Fitness Studio

“Ashley has been working with us on our start-up business and has been extremely helpful growing our social media presence and our online advertising. We strongly recommend her if you’re looking for a creative, out of the box thinker who knows the ins and outs of marketing and business development. I give her 5 stars all around and would highly recommend her.”

Oliver R. – Roelofsen Photography​

“Ashley was the best investment I have ever made in my business and in my life. She skyrocketed my revenues and quickly guided me down the right direction that has lead to success I could not achieve by myself. Her business mind is proven through her track records and when you’re ready for this level of success, you’ll only want to work with her.”​

Let's get to know each other right now.

Ready to boost your profits, grow your business and make an impact?
Well I'm super proud of you - and here to help you make that happen.  

This free (and highly insightful) list of hot tips will help you take real, actionable steps to build a profitable business that you love.

Ready to boost your profits, grow your business and make an impact? Well I'm super proud of you - and here to help you make that happen.

This free (and highly insightful) list of hot tips will help you take real, actionable steps to build a profitable business that you love.