Ashley Deland sits on the Forbes Business Council, she was Business Elite's 2022, Top 40 Under 40 Winner, was recognized as Success Sisters Top 40 Under 40 Trailblazer and more recently was awarded Marketing Agency of the Year by Wealth & Finance International. 

As a thought leader in the digital marketing, branding and business development space, her publications can be seen in Forbes, Inc, Medium, Entrepreneur and Authority Press. 

Ashley has been hired and spoken on multiple prestigious stages and within networking groups surrounding marketing, entrepreneurship and running three successful businesses at a time. 

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A thought leader in digital marketing, branding, and business development

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An ex-corporate Director Of Marketing & Events for multiple billion-dollar Canadian enterprises, that soared up the corporate ladder by the age of 24 years old.

With over a decade of experience and a recognized expert in the field of marketing, branding and business development, Ashley has been featured on numerous media outlets such as Forbes, INC, Entrepreneur, Authority Magazine, Medium, Authority PressWire and FOX.

With a Degree in Marketing, Bachelors of Business Administration from top world ranking university, Griffith Business School, Ashley is an active member of the Forbes Business Council and recognized as Business Elites 2022 “Top 40 Under 40” winner. 

Ashley began her career alongside some of the most influential minds in the world working for ideaCity, in partnership with TED Conferences, media operations company ZoomerMedia, Canada’s largest advocacy agency CARP & Icon and Executive, Moses Znaimer.

For years she managed marketing portfolios, sales, operational strategies and event development and execution, for multiple billion dollar companies before trading her title to champion entrepreneurs build multifaceted legacies and create impact in greater capacities. 

 A voice of guidance and creative leader that brings extensive experience to the table, she also has hands-on experience building, growing and exiting multiple businesses of her own in the food and beverage sector, health and wellness market and hospitality industry.

Now the Founder & CEO of Ashley Deland Consulting, a creative consulting firm & Maison De Land, a full-service creative design house dedicated to branding, marketing & storytelling, she has served hundreds of founders globally through intentional branding, strategically designed marketing solutions and 1:1 consulting. 

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