Ready To Shift Your Business Towards Success?

by Ashley Deland

Today, I want to get a little more intimate with you and share some of my own personal practices that have helped me shift my business and life for the better.

So let’s get started.

Don’t try to fit into the box.

In business, “A” doesn’t always equate to “B”.

Launching programs doesn’t always double your revenue, offering a large product suite doesn’t always attract more clients and following one guru’s mainstream advice won’t always work for your business. 

Businesses are as unique as the people that run them. They need customized solutions and multiple paths to be paved so that it fits with its unique visions, goals and objectives.

One size does not fit all yet many entrepreneurs try hard to fit into the traditional “business-in-a-box” model.

The reality is they’re multi-dimensional business owners that hinder their growth because they think they should be following one path.

What they really need to do … is pave their own way.

Have the faith and courage to go down your own path and trust your intuition that you’re taking the right steps. Try not to follow someone else’s journey or compare chapters. 

You’re’ far too great to stay small or be confined. 

Set personal & professional boundaries.

You won’t be for everyone and that’s okay.

Trust me when I say, you don’t want to be.

Back in the earlier days of my entrepreneurial journey, I used to become discouraged and confused when a client didn’t sign on, wondering what it was that I did wrong.

The reality was, God, the Universe, was preventing that from happening for a reason.

Once you work with a few nightmare clients, you start to understand how draining it can be to constantly have all your energy pulled from you and even have bad butterflies when you see their email in your inbox or a missed call from them.

When you start to set boundaries around who you want to work with and who you don’t want to work with, you start to understand that YOU are in control of your business and your energy will start to shift.

No, is a complete sentence.

If a client is taking your energy, time and sanity away from you, then you need to learn to walk away from people who don’t value your worth (also #lifelesson)

Go where you’re celebrated and not tolerated.

Trust me when I say, you would rather take on a smaller group of people that praise your name, then energy stealers that go around taking everything that they can get.

Set your boundaries and stick to them fiercely. 

Arrange your days to start with putting yourself first.

Every morning, my dog Whiskey wakes me up.

Without missing a beat his warm, stank breath is my face while he scratches the side of my bed furiously until he wakes me up. 

When I finally roll over and face him, he smiles knowing he accomplished his goal for the morning.

And honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Once I bring him and Karma, my other angel, onto the bed, I stay there for a good 10 minutes and just give and receive all that love.

I don’t look at my phone, I don’t worry about running to my first meeting, I just look around the room at my snoring hot hubby and see the faces of two of the cutest dogs I’ve ever seen in my life and thank God for being so blessed and having such a wonderful life.

I then take my time getting up. 

Even if my day is jam-packed with meetings and client calls, which it often is, I set the tone for the day by intentionally taking it slow.

I make my coffee, sit in front of the window for a few moments and then go over my schedule for the day in a calm, relaxed way.

I’ve also learned the ebbs and flows of my week and accommodate my schedule according to energy levels.

My team and I know to schedule all my consulting calls on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, as that’s when my energy levels are the highest and I’m able to give it all to my clients.  

On Mondays and Fridays I focus on the other aspects of both my businesses. I lead team meetings, focus on agency work, schedule short discovery calls and conquer any other business tasks that need to be done. 

I also start work at 10am on both those days so that I can dedicate the mornings to my mental health and meditate, journal or literally sit and watch the squirrels if I want. 

The thing is, most of my days are heavily focused on addressing the needs of my clients, so it’s important that I take those moments to feel like I’m giving back to myself and filling up my own cup.

So if you can, set some intentions for this new year to take things slow and make more time to prioritize yourself and needs first.

That way you’re able to give even more back to your clients and avoid those horrible burn-outs. 

So there you have it, a few of my own personal practices that I utilize in my life and business that have brought me success and peace.

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x Ashley

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