The Death of the Sales Call

Business Development, Strategies
by Ashley Deland

We’ve all been there, that random number that keeps calling, we finally pick up and it’s someone reading off a sales page about a topic you know they don’t care about.

I can personally say that I have never made a sales call in my life, yet despite that I’m constantly able to sell out my consulting programs and wait list my agency services. 

Besides using Instagram as a powerful platform to gain leads and educate to my heart’s content, the main way to sell out services is through…


So, let’s talk about what that looks like.

  1. Create a low-ticket offer – A mini course, 60-minute Masterclass, Tiny Offer, etc – then create either a paid ad or create organic content that you cycle into your monthly content calendar, educating your audience about the offer.
  1. Get them into the entry point – “Sign Up Here”, “Grab More Information” and lock down their information. #gold
  1. Commence the nurture email sequence – this can be a three- or four-part email drip that goes out automatically, which delivers the low-ticket offer. Don’t forget to touch base on their pain points, desires, fears and how this class/offer solves that problem for them in your content.
  1. In that last email and at the end of the offer, pitch your high-ticket offer. Use a strong call to action to get them to sign up for the larger offer, book a discovery call or “apply now”. 

What this does is nurture the relationship while providing them with a glimpse into the high-level education and knowledge that you provide. 

Take time to really blow them away with your low-ticket offer. 

Give them some “ah ha” moments and overdeliver so they leave filled to the rim.

Implementing a simple funnel can add revenue, attract clients, convert leads into sales, increase productivity and help manage optimization.

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x Ashley
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