Three Core Values That Will Power Your Business For 2022

Business Development, Mindset
by Ashley Deland

Any size business, even the smallest solopreneur run businesses, need to run on a strong foundation of core values in order to create success.

Your core values help to shape your company’s vision and culture while ensuring that all business decisions align with these values, to work towards the same goals. 

A business without core values, really isn’t a business.

Just like humans, we all have values that we believe to our core that help us make better decisions in life and become better people, your businesses core values act the same way.

They should demonstrate what your business stands for, its principals, philosophies, reasons for being and your “why”.

Although every core value differs uniquely to each business, here are three powerful core values that you should implement into your businesses.


The number one value that should be at the top of any business list. 

You ultimately want your business to be connected to the goal of providing a product or service for the greater good.

When you connect to the desire of solving people’s problems, providing extraordinary solutions and connecting it to the individual desire for success, it’s certain to ignite passion.

And passion spreads, fuels, and feeds others. 

From customers to employees, it will bring excellence to the table. 


Change is inevitable. 

As a smart business owner you know that the needs of your market and especially your customers are always changing and it’s crucial that you evolve with the times, so that you’re not left behind.

You need to stay open-minded to adapting the culture of innovation and be willing to continually test new ideas.

Let your business tell you what it needs instead of trying to control or push what you think it needs to grow. 

Ask your clients first-hand about their experiences and what they would like to see and utilize the opinions and insight of any team members or subcontractors about the workflow.

This core value will bring gentle shifts towards innovation and move your business forward towards greatness.


Research has proven over and over again that leaders and business owners that are warm natured and compassionate, get more productivity from their team and satisfaction from their clients. 

There is also even more research to back up the positive connection between compassion and well-being at individual and professional levels.

Ultimately, what this means is that compassion is often seen as a weaker trait or ineffective in business, but I stand firmly against that statement.

Warmth and strength go hand in hand because compassion allows a leader to see the other person’s perspective and their point of view, which is actually a huge strength to have.

Too many people only care about their own point of view and seeing things their way, which can hinder the growth of a business. 

When you see the “why” you’re able to see new things you might not have without compassion. 

And for the record, in the end nobody wants to do business with a know-it-all who thinks the world of himself. 

People want to do business with people they like and trust.

So here you have it, three core values to help you thrive and succeed that even the smallest of businesses can grow from.

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x Ashley

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