The Female Founders Interview Series

LIVE on Instagram every Thursday at 12:00pm EST beginning September 7th

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Unfiltered, Unscripted Experiences Where Stories, Strategies & Success Secrets Are Revealed. 

Discover the magic that happens when extraordinary women come together.

This is your opportunity to take a seat at the table where the right conversations are happening and be in the rooms where education and empowerment is exchanged freely, while having your burning questions answered by some of the greatest minds. 

Every Thursday at 12:00pm EST, I interview one incredibly successful and powerful woman where no topic is off the table, just unfiltered, unscripted conversations that create impact within a 30-minute session, without any gimmicks or upsells. 

This series is not just about interviews; it’s about unraveling stories, sharing experiences and creating a rendez-vous with impact, inspiration and unveiling the magic that happens when extraordinary women come together.

So pull up a seat to the table where real, raw narratives speak the truth about being a woman in business, the hurdles and obstacles on the journey towards success and the ways, resources and knowledge to overcome them.

The Female Founders Interview Series is a one-of-a-kind Instagram live interview series where we bring together remarkable female founders from an array of industries, backgrounds and business models to empower, educate and amplify the trajectory of your business and life.

The Female Founders Interview Series is an intentionally designed space for entrepreneurs, visionaries and creatives to leverage and learn from subject matter experts who share their stories, unveil their strategies and let you in on the secrets that have helped them become incredibly successful leaders within their space.

who is this for?

We show up live with our wisdom and wit, to pour our knowledge into you, amplify your personal and professional growth trajectory and help you maximize your impact in the world…all for free.

No gimmicks, upsells or even email addresses needed.

This is just generous, authentic and real women filling up your business cup because we’re passionate about seeing others win.

This event is for women entrepreneurs, visionary leaders and lifestyle creatives looking to uplevel their business and life by learning from extraordinary female founders.

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The Female Founders Interview Series

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