Founder Foundations Minimind

Only 15 spots available

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Empower Your Business In Just 6 Weeks.
Craft compelling messaging, perfect your pitch and strategically scale your business.

Founder Foundations MiniMind: Empower Your Business In Just 6 Weeks.

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This program is where I hold space for women who are looking to align their business vision with reality through enhancing their brand identity, creating powerful brand messaging that attracts the right clientele, all while positioning yourself through an elevated lens.

This 6 week sprint towards tangible results and significant progress is where you elevate your brand as a whole, define your Founder presence and learn how to powerfully position yourself towards profitability.

This immersive experience combines live group coaching with intimate group support meant for newly established entrepreneurs looking for both personal development and professional growth.

a 6 week live coaching program for female founders scaling their way to their first 6-figure revenue. 

This experienced is capped to just 15 women who are looking to dive deep into;

✓ Developing a leaders mindset

✓Understanding exactly who your clients are

✓Unfolding your authentic “why”

✓Building a brand identity that captivates

✓Curating powerful brand messaging that attracts

✓Creating a powerful pitch that sells your services with ease.

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During this container we will meet every Wednesday at 11:00am for a one hour live training call that will provide you with the tangible items and holistic view you need to scale your business towards the 6-figure mark through a solid foundation.

This is strategic advisory for the founders that are looking to elevate their brand, expand their presence and empower their growth. 

Your higher version is calling - are you ready to step into her?

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The Details

→ One 60 mins Group Coaching Call Per Week
→ Accountability Partners
→ Access To A Private Community Page
→ Access to All Recorded Sessions
→ Workbooks & Resources

This is a sprint towards results therefore I highly recommend that you stay dedicated to the weekly 60 minute coaching calls and invest an additional 1-2 hours of implementation per week - so that you can significantly move the needle forward in your business.

This short-term container is designed to connect your long-term vision with powerful strategies to help you accelerate your brands growth, while giving you the clarity you need to move forward with confidence.

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The Founder foundations minimind

Only 15 seats available

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