The Future Focused Female Founder Journal

“Moments of reflection sharpen your focus towards the lifestyle you long for.”

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  • Journal Prompts
  • Exercises
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Mindful Moments

This journal is a tool to help you reflect on your business and life with thought-provoking writing prompts that provide clarity and direction, thoughtful exercises that create mindfulness and messages of inspiration that cultivate positivity. 

Whether you’re an early stage entrepreneur looking to navigate the mental challenges of business ownership or an established founder in need of a space to tap into your inner thought process and fine tune your innate talents, this easy-to-navigate journal is your guide to uncovering intentions, stepping further into alignment and establishing areas of growth to advance your life.

The Future Focused Female Founder Journal


What's inside:

A unique blend of self-reflection, encouragement, inspiration and practical insight to make female business owners even more remarkable. 

JOURNAL PROMPTS - Helping you gain clarity around your business goals and objectives through intentional silence, moments of stillness and solo reflections. Whether it’s to amplify positivity or purge negativity, holding the space to write out and release helps you to recenter and refocus on the bigger picture. 

EXERCIES - Mental exercises that will keep you motivated, persevering through challenging moments and committed to navigating towards solutions, while cultivating a growth mindset. 

INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES & MINDFUL MOMENTS - Here to inspire and empower women through peaceful moments, meaningful pages and powerful words that change the trajectory of your life and business.

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