The Future Focused Female Founder Yearly Planner

“Great founders have clear visions and live intentionally.”

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Arming female founders with the confidence, clarity and a future-focused vision to build a thriving life and business. 


  • Intention & Goal Setting
  • Affirmations
  • Meditations
  • Visualizations
  • Daily Gratitude
  • Evening Self-Reflection 
  • Mindful Moments

Go deeper into your motivations, skills and inner dialogue through an array of guided exercises, worksheets and journal prompts, to strengthen your mindset, step forward in self-assurance and come into alignment with your big picture vision. 

A strong founder’s mindset is one of the most important tools to cultivate and those seeds of success need to be planted and nurtured everyday to grow consistent focus, determination and motivation. 

Through this mindset & vision planning workbook, you’ll learn the skills and techniques that successful female founders use on a daily basis to keep a strong sense of vision, resilient frame of mind and creative flair, as they bring life to all their business dreams.

The Future Focused Female Founder Mindset & Vision Planning Notebooks


What's inside:

Shift your focus towards using the power of your thoughts and the strength of your mindset as drivers to support your personal and professional growth and the vehicle to bring success to all aspects of your life. 

INTENTION & GOAL SETTING - When your actions come into alignment with your intentions, you move the needle towards achieving your personal and professional goals. Powerful founders deliberately align their daily actions towards their larger purpose and “why” to best utilize their time, energy and resources. 

AFFIRMATIONS - Reframing your beliefs into positive affirmations and shifting your self narrative into a more loving, positive and supportive conversation will help you tap into your inner strength, provide a sense of empowerment and help you build the confidence you need to succeed. 
MEDITATIONS & VISUALIZATIONS - Release limiting patterns, cut through fears and let go of the overwhelm holding you back in business and life with powerful meditations and visualization techniques that direct focus, energy and drive towards your desires. 

GRATITUDE, SELF REFLECTIONS & MINDFUL MOMENTS - Set yourself up for productive days, create space for peaceful evenings and intentionally carve out mindful moments throughout your day to help you stay aligned with growth, create bigger impact and stay connected to your purpose. 

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