Common Myths About Entrepreneurship & Why I’m Here To Set Them Straight

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Ashley Deland

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. 

Last year, I was asked in an interview for Authority Magazine whether or not I thought everyone was cut out to be a founder, and what I wasn’t expecting was the backlash I received from my (apparently) spicy answer.

Which was…

“I’d love to infuse the reader here with optimism and fill their minds with encouraging words but the reality is, not everyone is cut out to be a CEO or founder.”

Ashley Deland, Authority Magazine

Unpopular opinion? Apparently so, but it’s also the cold-hard truth.

Starting a business is exhausting and draining on a mentally, physically and spiritual level and some people are not cut out for that kind of energy output.

And that’s okay.

However, there are a ton of myths about entrepreneurship that I’m here to debunk and set straight, that prevent eager entrepreneurs from taking the dive, such as:

Entrepreneurs are born, not made. 

A ridiculous statement because anyone with the sheer drive and determination to pursue their dreams, paired with the ambition and dedication, can learn the ways to build a business successfully from scratch.

CEO’s & founders are their own bosses. 

As much as people think that, it’s not reality. My boss(es) are my clients. They are the backbone of my success and the reason that I work tirelessly every day. They are the only ones that can fire me.

Always market to everyone. 

I see this one a lot in my industry. Companies that love to go down the route of marketing their services or products to “everyone” in hopes of higher revenue, or that everyone out there shares the same problem. My response to that is the traditional saying of “market to everyone and get no one” and to not be blinded by the false-consensus effect, in which we assume that others share the same problems, morals or beliefs that we do.

It’s all about the product. 

The reality is yes, you must build a great product or service offering, but having a successful business is so much more than that. You need a heightened customer experience, white-glove service, and consistent branded consumer touch points, to stand out from the competition. Among other things.

What some people don’t understand about this journey is that it takes long hours, hard-work and often years of operation to become successful.

You’re going to encounter failures and mishaps and there is no guarantee of success.

If that scares you, then you might not be cut out for it.

However, if you’re okay with constantly putting yourself out there, taking risks, managing your time effectively, being proactive on a daily basis and you’re okay with the slow path of making money, then it might be the perfect fit for you.

Wherever the path of entrepreneurship leads you, know that you have people in your corner and ready to support you, like myself.

Love, Ashley

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