Six Key Habits That Make Six Figures A Year

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Ashley Deland

Transparency and truth are two characteristics that I always bring to the table as a consultant, advisor and overall human being.

Many clients ask how I’ve been able to grow so successfully over the years and generate the income that I do, and I almost always reply with encouragement to not get emotionally hung up on arbitrary revenue milestones.

However, with that said, there are some important habits and personal growth strategies that I’ve implemented in my life that have helped me pave the path towards success, which I’m happy to share. 

As a short backstory, if you don’t follow my Instagram account (@ashleydeland) every so often I talk about my very humble beginnings as a child and growing up in Montreal, Canada with barely any money. 

It wasn’t until I moved to Oakville, a very wealthy place within Canada, that I began to understand what it was like to order food to your home, have a bike or go out to places to have fun.

That brought me to the one habit that I formed very early on in my life, which was to study the mechanisms of rich people and self-made millionaires. 

Their behavior, their mindset, growth strategies and what made them more successful than others.

I adapted those patterns growing up and even though they took years and years to master, I have formed all my businesses around them and have been able to do well for myself.

So what are some of those habits?

Stop caring what other people think. 

Most people stay small or skip over their dreams because they’re afraid of what other people think. From friends to family members, people will openly feel like they can give their opinion but it’s up to you to screen those words and filter them out. You’re here to fulfill dreams, desire and really see just how far you go – not to please people. Many self-made millionaires are adamant on only surrounding themselves with positive people. 

Love what you do. 

After leaving corporate life I started a yoga studio and had a few locations, then started an organic juice line, then opened a vegan restaurant – it took me a while to realize that I was in love with starting, building and selling businesses – which is what led me to become a successful business consultant. No matter what you do, make sure that you absolutely love it and want to wake up and show up for it everyday.

Replace yourself. 

Know that in business there will inevitably come a time when you either need a second version of yourself to accomplish more or a doppelganger to take over while you step back. Don’t start a business thinking you can and will wear all the hats or that it’s a life-long journey. Find the right people to help you manage the multiple revenue streams that come in, so that you can keep scaling and actively growing each business or project.  

Attitude is everything. 

Practice gratitude consistently and be thankful for every new situation, open door, person and opportunity you receive. When you work in that energy then great things will continue to happen. Mindset is so important as an entrepreneur and so is the way you treat people. Work on it consistently so that you show up and act as the best version of yourself. 

Surround yourself with the right people.

I often talk about this. As entrepreneurs you need to surround yourself with high-achievers, goal-oriented individuals and enthusiasts that have positive outlooks on life. Take note on who you turn to for advice, who you associate yourself with and understand that negativity and criticism will derail you from pursuing success.  

Now, I’d love to hear from you. 

What are some habits that you’ve formed that have helped you become a better version of yourself?



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