How To Maximize Your Business’s First Impression

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Ashley Deland

Whether you’re a new or established business it’s important to capture your audience’s attention the first time around.

In order to do so, you need a strategy mapped out that takes an integrated approach with these 5 important foundational elements.

Those elements are:

Marketing Materials. 

To ensure that your brand and messaging stay consistent on all platforms, develop a marketing tool kit filled with materials that can be shared with your internal and external audiences. 

This includes hard copy elements and also digital ones, like a strong social media presence, key messaging on your social channels and an established website. Invest in the elements that make your business stand-out.

Pitch Training. 

Most small business owners don’t have PR reps or spokespeople representing their brands, so they need to have their elevator pitch locked down to effectively communicate what their business does and how they serve their customers.

Media Engagement. 

Platforms like social media, online publications and editorial opportunities, all help deliver information to your audience. 

Use third-party avenues to target the right news to the right people. Sign up for HARO, as soon as possible.

Digital Amplification. 

From SEO to TikTok, utilize the many forms of online marketing to reach your target audience. 

Amplify your message and reach it across as many digital platforms as your ICA uses. 

Experimental Activities. 

There are so many touch points throughout your customer journey that it’s important to think outside of the box when it comes to capturing their attention. 

Try many different facets from hosting in-person events or sponsoring large festivals, all the way down to different promotions or coupons to see what works.

Mastering these basics elements will help provide you with a strong roadmap for success not only now but also down the road.

Have any questions about how to maximize your first impression? Ask below.



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