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Why Video Content Should Be An Essential Part Of Your Content Strategy In 2020.

Video is GOLD. It’s reported that the world watches 1 billion hours of YouTube social content per day. . . 1 billion!!

Video is no longer an option for content or businesses, it is essential for not only attracting buyers and getting seen, but also for helping with your SEO and ranking higher on Google.  

With Google owning Youtube, it’s no surprise that you are more likely to rank on the first page of a Google search when you have video content embedded on your website; 53 times more likely in fact!

I know that fills some of you with dread, however I’ve put together a list of video content that will make even the most camera shy person want to utilize this amazing feature:

👉 Going Live. 

There is something so powerful about watching something live. This style of content is great for engaging with your following in real time. If you are flooded with DM questions daily, going live can be a great way to address those questions for everyone to hear. I would always advise having a few FAQs prepared just in case it takes people a while to get warmed up because sometimes people don’t like to be the first to ask a question. You can also upload your ‘live’ to your social platforms for those who missed it as well as repurpose it on YouTube and as content for posts or blogs!

👉 Interactive Videos.

It’s rumored that video content will soon become ‘shoppable’. Just like Instagram “swipe up” stories, soon most video content will have similar features. This will enable your video marketing funnels to be converted within minutes, so make sure you have 1 click purchasing set up to really make use of those impulse buys.

👉 Early Searchable.

Google has announced that they will be using “AI technology” to identify snippets for videos that are related to a search enquiry, to present on your search result page.This will be great for boosting your SEO and exposure so start uploading your video content on your website, but make sure it is SEO optimized! 

👉 Silent video.

With people’s phones constantly strapped to their hands, we are watching more and more silent videos, therefore, Clipomatic is the app to get your hands on. Creating subtitles for your viewers is a great way to ensure your stories are watched the whole way through, when it’s convenient for them.

From shares on social platforms to proven conversions and SEO, the reasons for including video in your content strategy are limitless. However, don’t panic about having to record them on the highest quality equipment. A simple iPhone records in 4k, and the free iMovie editing software does the trick just fine. In general people often relate better to a more authentic, raw snippet of video than a professional production.

It’s time to sit in front of the mirror and practice your lines!…Who’s with me?


The Importance Of A CEO Mindset.

Are you ready for success yet you feel like you’re being pulled down by the people around you? 

Starting your own business is a tough process (seriously tough) and when you lack support from your loved ones or friends, it can be even harder. In reality you have two choices in this situation; you can either let their negativity hold you back, or you can choose the better path – show those haters what you’re made of. 

Our minds are one of the most powerful parts of our being. Our thoughts transcend into actions and we receive what we emit into the universe (yes I’m getting “woo woo” on you – and I like it.)

It’s hard to think like a CEO when it’s just you, in your sweats, hustling hard after putting the kiddies to bed and debating whether it’s actually another cup of coffee or an entire bottle of wine that you want. 

Yet starting off with a tenacious, go getting attitude will serve your vision and business in the long run. We are all unique and suffer with different aspects of our mindset. So here are 4 ways you can adopt a CEO mindset to see you through the turmoil and make those onlookers wish they had witnessed and supported your success from the start…

👉 Develop your ‘mission’. 

Without identifying why you exist, what purpose you serve and why your clients need you or your product, it will make it difficult to get your business off the ground. I recommend having these written down next to you or implemented onto your vision board to remind yourself at every action: who you are serving and WHY. 

👉 Create a business plan with your biggest dreams for your company! 

This may seem scary, but a dream without a plan stays a dream. Include 1, 3, 5 &10 year goals and actionable steps you’re going to take to achieve those goals along the way. When I first started my business, I had a business journal that I would write my goals and visions in, as well as my future product line and services that I will roll out to better my client experience. Without even knowing it by addressing and reading them everyday I was unconsciously walking towards those goals. So ask yourself all those scary and exciting questions, write them down and work towards them step-by-step.

👉 Implement processes and systems that you know you’ll need in the future. 

Items that you know you will need in the future for your business as it expands such as a company handbook, including company policies, hiring documents or a brand development portfolio can seem irrelevant now. However, you will get busy, your business will grow and especially if you’re at the beginning stages of your company, you have the time to address these items now and save you in the long run. 

👉 Invest in your brand development. 

If your budget allows, hire professionals to build your website, logo design and create some marketing funnels for you. Your visual brand is one of the most important aspects of your online presence and you need it to be on point to attract your ideal client. If money is on the tighter side then hire a business coach for an hour or two to lead you down the right path so that you set your business up successfully and with the right branding.

Starting and running a business can seem and feel overwhelming, so you need to constantly congratulate yourself for taking those next steps. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or established, keep looking towards the future and know that your time is now. Act like the CEO you want to be, conquer the goals and create the legacy you were meant to leave in this lifetime. We’re all here to inspire, educate and celebrate you and if you ever feel like you’re doing this alone, know that I am here, holding your hand and cheering you on – always.


Why You’re Wasting Money Boosting Posts.

Are you ‘boosting’ posts left right and center, yet your conversion rate is still 0%? 

There’s a huge misconception that building a Facebook Ad is about selecting a few demographic options and they hey presto, your leads will flood to your inbox or call to action. Unfortunately, that’s a far cry from the truth.

When you boost a post, you have no control over placement targeting or are giving an option to run an ongoing campaign. You’re limited on interest, behavioral and demographic targeting and critically, there are no split audiences. Boosted posts are reach based; meaning they will return likes and awareness, however they are unable to run conversion pixels, offers or messenger ads. This dramatically reduces your ROI and ad spend.

“But it’s so easy”. I get it, it’s enticing. But with help from these 5 tips you can navigate your way around Ad Manager and set up a campaign that will return more than a popularity contest.

1️⃣. Decide your CTA (call to action). Is this campaign for brand reach? Or to drive sales? In an ideal world your camping does both, however it’s smart to choose one outcome to make your ad both measurable and the copy content clear. Make sure you have one action that you want people to take when they are shown your ad. Is it…..

Boost Followers/Brand Awareness – You would measure your conversion for this based on how many people have liked, commented or “shares” of your ad.

Intent – Getting people clicking that ‘Learn More’ button. This is where if you have a chatbot, they can convert or simply qualify your lead for you (hooray!)

If you try to do both, more than likely your ad will flop. Your ad copy needs to reflect your CTA. Be clear and informative. 

2️⃣. If you have a customer base already, or even a small email list, use this data to help target similar customers with a lookalike audience. Simply upload your spreadsheet of data and let facebook do the rest. 

As a reminder; your targeting should evolve with you. You should be tweaking your demographics during and after every campaign (which you can’t do when you “boost”). Another way to really define your audience is to add required categories. You can find this under “interests”. 

3️⃣. Write in a conversational manner. The perfect Facebook Ad doesn’t annoy people with sales pitches, instead it offers value in a conversation and relaxed tone. 

One top tip is to add your ‘Headline’ in the ‘text’ field, as your headline is actually shown at the bottom of your ad.

4️⃣. Find the balance between creative and straightforward. For example, if your copy is creative, make your photo very literal. If your copy is straightforward, make your photo a little more playful. If both your headline and photo are both literal you are at risk of being seen as boring….And let’s face it, that’s no one’s goal.

5️⃣. Use the description box in your CTA to alleviate any friction. For example if you’d like your customers to Subscribe, add that in the description box. State that there are no fees, no commitments, just a whole lot of value and that will help build the trust factor. 

From pixel tracking to behavioral targeting, Facebook Ads are by no means straightforward, so I hope with these tips you can start to feel more confident navigating Ad Manager, and start increasing that conversion rate pronto!

Why You Need To Build An Email List Right NOW! (Seriously)

In a world where social media is the holy grail of communication, many business owners are forgetting to build their email lists – which is a HUGE business no-no.

We’ve all experienced a change in algorithm and how it plays havoc on our reach to potential and current clients. Instead of relying on a third party platform to bring in your leads and secure your communication, stay connected directly through their inbox. 

Email Marketing Automation is possibly one of the greatest and most effective tools any business can have nowadays. We’re able to personalize, segment and sync with customers’ purchase cycles, which makes direct contact with your potential customers priceless.

So today, I’m sharing with you my 5 favorite ways to make use of your dusty email list:

👉 Get Personal.

Let’s face it, we don’t have time to write out individual emails to every person on our list (as lovely as that would be) but we can get real and authentic with them and make it feel like a personal experience. Emails sent with a personalized subject line have a 26% higher open rate than those without! We can also take the time to engage with them, ask them questions and get to know them on a deeper level, that are your ideal client so this is the perfect time to do it. 

👉 Segment your emails.

By using tags within your email campaign, you can personalize even further by sending follow up emails within a sequence, based upon an action taken in a previous email. This is also a great way to keep track of inactive subscribers and update accordingly. Mail Chimp reported that segmented emails have 100.95% higher click-through rates.

👉 Post sales emails.

Sending an email after somebody has made a purchase may seem pretty standard, however you’d be surprised how many businesses do not have this actioned. This is also a great opportunity to recommend a secondary product to the sale; offering combined shipping or “left in cart”, along with discount codes are great ways to entice customers back to your site.

👉 Sync your emails with the customer’s purchase cycle.

As an example if you sell a box of 31 dishwasher tablets, you can take a guess that a family would use 1 per day. Therefore by sending an email on the 25th day subtly reminding them to restock can generate great results for recurring sales.

If you don’t sell repeat purchase goods, you could even use this tool to promote items or products related to a sale they have previously placed.

👉 Lastly, the infamous drip campaign.

This is proof that slow and steady wins the race. Showing up in your potential customers inbox over and over again will keep your business at the forefront of their minds. Mail Chimp reports that drip campaign emails have a 300% greater click through rate than single send campaigns!

So here they are, my top five favorite ways to build up your emails list. I hope these tips make this undervalued tool transform into your greatest sales funnel yet.

It’s time to dust off that spreadsheet and close some sales! Have fun!!

How To Get Your Website Ranking On The First Page of Google Without Using Google Adwords

We’ve all experienced the cold sweats is when you see somebody clicked on your google link. That’s $7 in Keyword fee’s you’ll never see again.

Traditional SEO is not the only way to drive traffic to your website. There are many creative ways you can rank on that first page… without remortgaging your house to pay for it.

👉 Influencer Marketing.

More specifically micro influencers. A micro influencer is anybody who has between 10k-50k followers and a huge hold over their following. Their followers trust their every word and often aspire to be just like them. This makes them ideal advertisers for your brand, however you need to make sure they are the right representation and aligned with your brand.  Using micro influencers will help expand your reach to their following and it will provide you with some brand new content and hopefully a surge in website views.

If you have a larger budget and choose to use macro influencers (500k+) it would be beneficial to provide the influencer with an affiliate code and make an arrangement that they post weekly/monthly for you with their swipe up link to bring you consistent website traffic.

👉 Become an expert or leader within your field.

Work on positioning yourself as a leader. Start answering questions on other people’s social platforms that you notice haven’t been answered, offer value and engage organically, flex your knowledge in forums without the sales tactic. Try not to mention your business, let your knowledge and expertise do the talking so people start to listen and connect with you – in turn building up the know, like, trust factor. Ensure your website is linked and easily accessible on all social media platforms in case they want to take that next step in the relationships with you. 

👉 Have a content marketing strategy.

Being active on Social Media will organically push traffic through that funnel and that’s exactly what you want to use those platforms for. Meet your ideal clients where they’re at (social media) then bring them over to your website. Make sure you have an email capture form on your website (aka a pop up opt-in form) to start building your list and keep in contact with those subscribers with valuable content regularly. A freebie is a great way to entice visitors to leave their details opposed to the boring “subscribe to my newsletter.”

👉 Google my Business.

This is the golden nugget of free SEO. If you haven’t got an account, I suggest you drop what you’re doing and go and make one. Free and the easiest way to communicate your business via google.

👉 Use outbound links.

Once you have used an outbound link in your blog, send a quick message to the writer of the referenced article and let them know how much you loved their work. Include a link to your new blog post that you featured them in. They will be flattered and more than likely share your article with their followers resulting in more traffic! Win!

👉 Get Pinning.

Pinterest is one of the most effective free SEO tools available; especially if you have a blog (which you should, FYI). Pinning website photos and graphics will drive organic traffic to your site without spending a dime. Try to make your graphics as engaging as possible and ensure they are the optimum size, 2:3 (600 px wide by 900 px high).

👉 Update your site regularly.

Yet another reason to have a blog, the more you update your site the higher your google ranking. Whether it’s a new blog, a change in testimonials or a new phone number, make sure it’s updated quickly.

👉 Speed up your site.

Website speed is one of the most common issues of SEO. A quick test on sites such as will allow you to test your load time. A few simple tweaks will help you climb the google page ladder.

So here you go friends, eight ways to rank higher on google without spending a cent on Google Adwords. If you’d like any help with your SEO, sign up for your 30 minute discovery call via our contact us page. I promise, you won’t have to remortgage anything. ♥️

Ready to boost your profits, grow your business and make an impact?
Well I'm super proud of you - and here to help you make that happen.  

This free (and highly insightful) list of hot tips will help you take real, actionable steps to build a profitable business that you love.

Ready to boost your profits, grow your business and make an impact? Well I'm super proud of you - and here to help you make that happen.

This free (and highly insightful) list of hot tips will help you take real, actionable steps to build a profitable business that you love.