The Importance of Omni-Channel Marketing

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Ashley Deland

Omni channel marketing is all about using multiple marketing channels to create one experience for your customers. 

This includes everything from in-store – if you have a bricks and mortar – all the way to every online experience they have with your brand. 

What omni channel marketing does, is it creates a personalized customer experience on all consumer touch points. 

In other words, your customer feels appreciated, heard and acknowledged along channels – from social media outlets to email marketing, web to text messages.

Nowadays, people research the brands they’re about to do business with. Whether it’s as simple as a new lipgloss or as luxurious as a new car, customers need to build up trust prior to the purchase through online channels.

As the business owner, you need to provide them with a consistent brand experience and the availability to engage with your brand, on their own terms.

What’s important to take away from all of this is, the last thing you want as a professional business owner is to have a great, expensive website that’s in-touch with your branding, then when the potential clients heads over to your social media outlets (which they will, I promise you that)  you have a million pictures of your lunch or dogs and nothing to do with your company or brand. 

You want to create a seamless experience of branding and messaging for all online touchpoints, as your customer moves down your sales funnel. 

This means, Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, Pinterest, your website, all your email marketing campaigns, your marketing materials – every single thing your customers come in contact with – make it identifiable, reliable and consistent.

So take a moment today to step out of your business owner’s hat and with fresh eyes take a look at your sales funnel and see what your customers see. Take note of any areas where you can make it more personal or develop the branding. 

There you have it, the importance of omni channel marketing and why I think every entrepreneur and business owner should utilize it.

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